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The Strike Commitee of Samara. Stachkom. The Party of Proletarian Dictatorship. I also went against the new feudalism created by the CPSU. The party of the proletariat should not be the ruling party! PROLETARISM
Long Live Revolution!
All Power to Strike Committees!

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One must be hungry himself in order to lead the hungry!
I also went against the new feudalism created by the CPSU.
The party of the proletariat should not be the ruling party!
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Strike. The Party of Proletarian Dictatorship.The Strike Commitee of Samara (Stachkom). Grigory Isayev, Chairman of the Samara Strike Committee, Member of PDP Council.
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Long Live Revolution! All Power to Strike Committees!


The 2nd Ekaterinburg Conference (September 19, 2000)

Why do the Workers' Committees, the Unions and the Stachkoms Rot? (23 August, 2000)

In addition to the discussion about the PROGRAM of PPD (Sunday, March 5, 2000)
Journey to Samara

Let us Consider Imperialist War and Proletarian Revolution (On the War in Chechnia)

Turbulence in Social Development and the Stratification of the Superstructure
Notes in the Margins of History
State Imperialism Should be Distinguished from Economic Imperialism

The Second Communist Manifesto (A.B. Razlatzki)

Introduction for Western and World Readers
Introduction (1999) 
Foreword Part I: Bourgeois and Proletarian
Part II: Proletariat - Boss Part III: The Crisis of the Workers Movement
Part IV: Proletarian Dictatorship & Proletarian Democracy Part V: Classes and the Struggle for Socialism

USA, Socialism, Us...

Dramatic conflict at a British-owned cellulose factory near St.Petersburg
Program of the Party of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat


To discuss labor militancy in Russia and to organize for its international support, subscribe to 



A Few Words from the Translator

То the international Working Class
The letters.
Documents from the Samara strike committee:
A Resolution of the Workers' Meeting of ZIM Plant (Samara)
We Need to Make a Decisive Step!
To the Workers of the Ball-Bearing Plant #4:
To the Police

Brothers journalists!

First Congress of Workers' and Strike Committees
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To Workers and Worker's Organizations of All Countries!
The Beg 
The Romanian miners class struggle tradition (the history of the miners +struggle and an account of the January '99 miners strike)

The references
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Glory to the October of 1917!
Long Live New October!
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